Getting Started

You can find example Kubernetes manifests for deployment in the deploy folder. You need a running Kubernetes cluster (version 1.10+) and kubectl correctly configured. A local test cluster with Minikube or kind will also work. It should be as simple as:

$ git clone
$ kubectl apply -f kube-web-view/deploy

Afterwards you can open “kube-web-view” via kubectl port-forward (you might need to wait a bit for the pod to become ready):

$ kubectl port-forward service/kube-web-view 8080:80

Now direct your browser to http://localhost:8080/

Note that pod container logs and Kubernetes secrets are hidden by default for security reasons, you can enable them by uncommenting the respective CLI options in kube-web-view/deploy/deployment.yaml. See also Security Considerations.

For guidance on setting up Kubernetes Web View for your environment, read the Setup section.